Time Blocking

Time management is a huge issue for everyone, especially parents working or not. I have found time blocking to start to help me in my personal life and with this business. I can tell you that between juggling my mom duties, running a house with an acreage and a business that my productivity is increasing, my stress is decreasing and I feel better about that day. Who doesn't want to feel accomplished in their day?

Time blocking is reserving a segment in your calendar for a certain task. So you can block out either 30 minutes or 2 hours depending on your task.

This helps in 4 ways:

1. Mental preparedness:

-prepare mentally in advance

-new ideas could come to you to get task done faster & easier

2. Focusing on task

-you are not multi-tasking as you are only doing that single task for the designated time

3. Improved Productivity

-complete the task faster allowing you to do more in a day

4. Less stressed & overwhelmed

you know what you are going to be doing that day and have prepared, are focused and not worried about other tasks

In order to time block there is a way to do it. You can use a calendar, a planner, or digital, depending on how you like to function.

1. Write your To Do list

-there is no particular order, you just want to write everything down at first

-Narrow down to month, weeks and than days

2. Determine Priorities from that list

-what you want to accomplish every day

3. Designate time intervals for each of those tasks

-you will need to decide how much time to give each of those tasks as certain tasks will take a short amount of time and others longer

4. Track your Success

-either check/cross off your list

-knowing what you have accomplished that day/week/month feels good

If you need help in your business with time management contact me.

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