Do you want more time in your Small Business

Hi Everyone,

Some of you may wonder what a virtual assistant can do for your business. The answer is free up your time so you can focus on what is important in your business and not the menial administrative tasks or social media management of day to day business.

As a virtual assistant I want to help you simplify your day by doing such tasks as organizing your email inbox, calling your clients for reminders, ordering supplies for your office, data entry, or simple bookkeeping. I can do all of these tasks remotely so I am not taking up space in your small business.

To do these tasks remotely there are different programs we can use to share this information. Some of the programs we could use are Google Drive (please click the link for more information) This is an easy to use program to share and edit word documents, excel spreadsheets or even power point presentations.

The next program we could use to share information is Box. This is another easy to use program to use so if you have never used it before there is no fear of difficulty. Of course, if there is a need I can come into your office to help you get started on projects and than continue them remotely.

Social media is a massive part of our world today and an important part of a small business. If you are unsure how to manage a Facebook page to get the traffic you want or an Instagram page to promote your products, than lets talk about a strategy for you. Social media in any format is a time consuming process that I can do for you so you can have quality posts that reflect your business and engage your clients.

As a virtual assistant I want to help you succeed in your small business by doing what helps you. There are so many more tasks to be covered than in this short blog so feel free to contact me regarding what I can do for you. I love to learn new things and be challenged. I can not wait to start working with great people!

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