Content Marketing for Network Marketers

You have joined a company: First Congrats on making that decision!! Second, you feel overwhelmed with how to sell and meet those targets to level up. Your upline and sideline friends are all telling you to do it this way..."I got there by doing XYZ and you can do it too!!" We all have heard and done many of the online events, curiosity posts, and cold and warm messaging. They have either worked for you or you are feeling discouraged.

What your uplines do NOT tell you is that you need to brand yourself, target specific people, and not sell your products consistently but provide value!! How do you do that? With your content!!

Content comes in the form of your social media posts/videos, which is the most common, in our industry or in blog posts. Your social media feeds can be very beneficial in generating leads for your business. You can let your content speak for itself and you shouldn't have to chase people down to join your event or buy your product.

A way to intrigue people is that you need to speak directly to them. It is very hard to sell to everyone and anyone. Narrowing down a target audience will help you determine what kind of content you will create and most importantly for whom. When you are able to speak to a certain person through your content you will find that it resonates better, it is more relatable. You are building the know, like, and trust factor.

In order to encompass content marketing as a whole, I have created an Ebook- 30 Days of Content Marketing. Here, I break down the different aspects of creating a plan and strategy for your content. When there is a strategic plan in place your content becomes consistent with the urgency for people to buy what you are selling. You can purchase this ebook for the price of $27CAD until Wednesday, September 30th, 2020. There is a short time frame as you receive a bonus of being able to join a private Facebook group. This group will allow for accountability regarding actionable steps over the 30 days, more detailed information, and your ability to ask your questions to me 1:1!

The value that I provide not only in this ebook alone is worth over $200 than the added Facebook group is incredible. So grab your ebook now to create your strategic content plan. Next time I release this Ebook the price will go up and there may not be the added bonus of a group.

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