66 Days to a New Habit

It takes 66 days or longer to form a habit. So start today and by March 16th your habit will be fully integrated into your life. Does that mean that it may happen sooner, of course, does it also mean that it might take longer, yes. The point I want to mention is that you can make a simple change in your life for a big impact.

This doesn't mean that habits should only be in your personal life, your business life needs them to. For example in my personal life I want to meal plan on Sundays for my week. In my business life I want to do my blog twice a month. These are simple tasks but need to be done.

The endless loop begins with Cues. Cues are a trigger for your habit, for example: time, location, person, emotional state, or sight. The majority of the time these cues are automatic, like how I crave a snack and coffee at 3pm everyday. If you are trying to create a new habit you would need to think up a new cue for you to recognize, like for me to blog twice a month I would need a reminder in my planner, the sight of someone else's blog.

The second factor is Craving. Like my example above with my 3pm snack and coffee, I have done this habit over and over that my brain has decided to crave for it because of the motivation behind it. That motivation for energy and fullness will comes into play for another factor. When creating a new habit you will need to think of the force behind this habit. My motivation behind blogging twice a month is to help people with my knowledge, and to expose my business.

The third factor is Response. This is the routine of how you carry out that habit. With creating a new habit or replacing a bad habit with a better one that means a new response. So for example at 3pm when I am craving a coffee I can decide to change that response to having a smoothie instead.

The last factor is Reward. You didn't think that all of this hard work would be for nothing. The reward satisfies that craving and teaches the brain which actions to remember for the future. Therefore you can continue to do this habit. And the loop begins again.

Now in your business you need to decide if you need to form a habit or change a habit. Use these above factors to guide you in making a simple change. Go get started and Make it Happen!

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