5 ways Mail Chimp is a Benefit to your Business

Updated: Jul 1, 2019

Mail Chimp is an online program to help you manage your email list. The great part is that it is free as long as you have under 2000 subscribers. I enjoy using Mail Chimp for my own business as there are many great options that help me promote myself to my clients with ease.

1. Reporting

Mail Chimp has an amazing tracking system for each email you send. When you go to the reports tab in your account it will give you a summary of each Campaign (email) that you have sent out to a specific number of subscribers. It than gives a percentage of opened, and a percentage of links clicked. There is than the option to open that report for that specific campaign, where it goes into more detail about that campaign. This is helpful as you can see what days, times and content is doing better with your clients.

2. Schedule

Mail Chimp has the option to schedule all of your campaigns. I am such a big fan of scheduling as this relieves the pressure to remember to send out the emails, and to do a big batch all at once.

3. Templates

Mail Chimp has many layouts and themes to choose from even without upgrading. They range in topics from holidays to newsletters You can customize them with your logo, colors and pictures. This template can be saved on your account for you to continually be used for your campaigns.

4. Landing Pages

Create beautiful pages to attract your clients to your new promotion or freebie to sign up for email list. These pages are simple to do and easy to promote on your social media feeds.

5. Sign up Forms

These are forms that you can create and embed or add as a pop up on your website. With Mail Chimp there are easy to follow directions so you will never be lost or confused. These sign up forms are great on your website as it is another avenue to get subscribers.

The list can go on for what Mail Chimp can do as they keep enhancing features. There newest feature is the social option. This allows you to create and publish posts on your social media feeds. The only downside I found to this option is that you can schedule it but it saves as a draft. Like I mentioned earlier I am a scheduler so this option does not work for me currently.

If you are looking to set up a Mail Chimp account or perhaps enhance your current account, but do not have the time or the know how, I have packages available to help you.

Please email me at ambersvirtualdesk@gmail.com so we can discuss your email list.

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