Grow your Lead List Through Strategic Social Media Content!!

Are you feeling lost and frustrated in the sea of Network Marketers with the same salesy content that your upline tells you that you should post? I can show you how to give value and build connections first! So by the end of October, in just 30 days, you will have a plan and direction for your content!

The 30 Days of Content Marketing Ebook is not just your usual ebook. This Ebook is made for Network Marketers. Plus you will get my extra support in a private Facebook group while you implement the strategies. Having the Facebook group will allow you the group support that you need to stay accountable to take actionable steps.

Hi lovely, My name is Amber and I'm a virtual assistant specializing in Social Media Content for Network Marketers. My mission is to stop the salesy, promotions on social media so that you can get back to building relationships and connecting with people to build your business.


Friday, September 25 until Sunday, September 27 at 12pm mtn.
AFTER will be $27 CAD until September 30th


  • We will be breaking down the Ebook over 30 days in manageable steps

  • 52 value-packed pages

  •  your content is going to generate leads with these strategies

  • topics such as What is Content, Purpose of your Content, How to promote your Content , How to repurpose your Content

  • BONUS-Private Facebook Group

    • Take action with the Ebook

    • extra level of support

    • extra tidbits through October with posts and lives

Instagram Guide & 200 Hashtags
This guide will help you optimize your Instagram profile with advice on using the features to your benefit, with the best way to create content all while staying productive.
I top off it off with 200 researched hashtags that's will help you get visible, generating you leads and making you sales. I have done the research for you on these hashtags under topics such as health/wellness, female/mompreneurs, network marketing, and positivity. 
This guide is great for the do it yourself person. Buy Now for only $57CAD

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